Sonoma Traveler Fly Rod 580-4 8′ 5wt

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Product Description

Leland Sonoma Traveler 8ft 5 Weight 4-piece Fly Rod:

This is the very same fly rod that our instructors use to teach casting classes at the Leland Ranch!

Designed to reward an efficient, compact casting stroke with tight, effortless loops, the Sonoma Traveler can deliver any size dry fly with accuracy and subtlety. Slightly shorter than the more common nine feet, this light and spry eight footer is right at home in tight, intimate small stream environments.

Unlike the common nine foot length of most fly rods, our years of experience guided us to a fly rod of only eight feet. The results of this reduced rod length are quite positive. Regardless of actual fly rod weight, the reduction of “swing weight” created by shortening the rod is very noticeable. Combined with better fly rod balance, you’ll believe you’re holding the wold’s lightest fly rod. You’ll also notice more accurate casts, as an eight foot fly rod makes much tighter, more efficient, more accurate loops than any nine foot fly rod ever could.

You’ll also notice the unique Leland grip on our Sonoma Traveler fly rod. As form definitely follows function, we began a lengthy process to recreate the fly rod grip. The result is a grip that, at first glance, is new to the eye, but once in your hand it will quickly make sense. Most of our customers claim our grip fits them like a glove. You’ll probably say the same. Of course our grip is shaped from the finest available Korean cork. This particular material is the same used on fly rods costing close to $1,000.

Our four-piece Sonoma Traveler comes complete with a nylon covered hard tube for easy travel and protection of your new rod. This tube also has an integrated, padded fly reel pouch. This allows you to keep your fly reel attached to you fly rod and still keep your gear safe when traveling or storing.

The bottom line is that this little rod will become your new favorite trout rod. It’s balanced, efficient, stable, true-tracking and accurate. You’ll smile on every cast and you’ll hook more fish with controlled distance, accuracy and a subtle presentation. Celebrate the sport by celebrating the cast!

  • Line Size: 5
  • Length: 8 feet
  • Sections: 4
  • Blank color: Wine
  • Reel Seat: Double-Uplocking Gunsmoke Anodized Aluminum
  • Guides: Blued chrome light steel wire
  • Handle: Proprietary Leland Grip
  • Action: Adaptive, Fast

Additional Information

Weight 1.34 kg
Dimensions 92 × 10 × 10 cm




1 review for Sonoma Traveler Fly Rod 580-4 8′ 5wt

  1. 5 out of 5


    This rod is a gem and when matched with the Leland New Zealand trout line it is a perfect pairing! Most trout are caught in the 30’ range and this rod excels in that regard. I also have found that this rod and line combination is perfect for teaching new comers, to our beloved pastime, how to cast. I use the Leland instructor line as it is easier to see the white front taper!

    February 20, 2020

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