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Sierra Nevada Fiberglass Fly Rod 476-6 7′ 6″ 4wt

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This unique Fiberglass fly rod will provide you an opportunity to celebrate the classic approach to small stream trout fishing.


Leland Rod Co – Sierra Nevada, Fiberglass, 6 Piece:

Fiberglass fly rods provide you an opportunity to celebrate a classic approach to small stream trout fishing!

There’s something very unique and special when you fish a well-designed fiberglass fly rod. With a noticeably slower action, fiberglass celebrates the classic approach to fly fishing. You’ll find each cast becomes more memorable. The Leland Rod Co. Fiberglass fly rod is seven and a half feet in length, allowing one to cast more effectively in tighter quarters. This length also better balances the rod, while in hand. As a four weight, your presentations will be very subtle, yet you can still cast larger dry flies like Royal Wulffs and Humpies when the summer winds blow.



Weight 1.34 kg
Dimensions 92 × 10 × 10 cm



6 Piece

2 reviews for Sierra Nevada Fiberglass Fly Rod 476-6 7′ 6″ 4wt

  1. A.T. Heyer (verified owner)

    I’ve been tossing flies for over 25 years, and used high end, high performance graphite exclusively; for the past several years. I purchased this rod in response to some ongoing shoulder issues that the fast and ultra fast action rods can aggravate. This rod works as well as it looks. I tested it under the worst of conditions…swirling/intermittent winds, 25 degree air temps requiring line to be gunked up with antifreeze paste, a bulky wet fly I tied on a #10 hook and a 12 foot leader-tippet. The rod exceeded my performance requirements out to 35′. With a little effort she’ll give you 40′ with less accuracy. It does ok cutting through wind, more than I expected from a glass rod. I had my doubts about the slip ring reel seat, but the cork inlay allows the reel to lock down snugly. Customer service is top notch. I had a couple of questions and Keith was enthusiastic in answering them and even honored my request to have the answers texted to my phone. In short, I named the rod after my wife, not only is it gorgeous, but it does everything I need and more.

  2. Chet

    I’ve been fishing high end fly rods for years and this Fly Rod might be my new Favorite. Anyone who likes a slower action rod should love this Rod. Great Feel, Presentation, Pure Joy to fish with.

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