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Sierra Nevada Fiberglass Fly Fishing Outfit


The ultimate fiberglass fly fishing outfit awaits a day on the stream with you.


Leland Rod Co – Sierra Nevada Fiberglass Outfit:

Celebrate the classic approach to trout fishing with our fiberglass outfit!

For those who want to slow down and breathe deeply, we offer the Leland Rod Co. Sierra Nevada Fiberglass Fly Fishing Outfit. It’s designed to make every cast memorable. Its deeper flexing rod blank creates a slower-tempo cast that reminds you that the true language of fly fishing is the fly cast itself. At 7.5 feet in length and a #4 weight, it’s exactly the right fly rod to carry with you into the back country to fish the little trout streams that we all cherish.

Our six-piece fiberglass fly rod fits into our well-cafted 18.5 inch rod tube and allows for the ultimate in storage and convenient travel. You literally won’t know your fly rod is with you, until it’s time to cast. Of course this gem of a fly rod is appointed with the best-available components, from the cocobolo and nickle silver reel seat, to its real agate stripping guide.

To increase your casting pleasure and fishing function, we’ve paired our sweetheart of a fly rod with our very own Leland weight-forward, floating fly line. This fly line casts like a dream, floats like a cork and shoots with ease. This line is butter-smooth when casting and offers up the most subtle presentations, which are important when casting to spooky trout in the clear waters of the Sierra Nevada.

This great casting fly line is stored on arguably the most beautiful trout reel available, our Leland Reel Co. Sierra Nevada Golden Trout, named for the prettiest trout in California. We’ve even included a 3-pack of Leland leaders for casting performance and fishing function. All you need is a box of dry flies and you’ve got an exceptional experience ahead.

When assembled, this well-balanced small stream fly fishing outfit feels like a custom-fit glove…just right. Each cast is buttery-smooth, accurate and most importantly…fun. And when you come tight to a brightly-colored jewel of a wild trout, you’ll be exceptionally happy you caught it on our Leland Fiberglass Outfit.

Weight 1.34 kg
Dimensions 92 × 15.25 × 15.25 cm


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