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Sierra Nevada Backpacker Fly Fishing Outfit


Fly rod, fly reel, fly line and leader all ready for small stream fishing in the back country.


Leland Sierra Nevada Backpacker Fly Rod Outfit:

Be ready for small stream fishing in the back country!

High mountain, back country trout fishing might be the essence of the sport of fly fishing. At this altitude the rain and snow run off hasn’t had the chance to form larger streams or rivers. Instead, a multitude of intimate small streams is available to the trout angler. On these tighter waters, where back cast room is often limited, the correct fly fishing outfit makes all the difference.

At Leland Rod Co. we cherish unique fly fishing experiences like small stream trout fishing and that’s exactly why we designed our perfectly-balanced Sierra Nevada Backpacker Outfit. Our 7’6” #4 is simply the right rod for accurate and subtle casts on smaller trout streams. At 7′ 6” in length it “bushwhacks” through tight cover with ease and is the right length when back cast room is at a premium. It’s a four weight, and that’s exactly what you need when casting hoppers and terrestrials to hungry, wild trout…especially when the mountain winds kick up. It’s also a five-piece, which packs conveniently into your backpack for that back country trek.

Not just any four weight fly line would compliment our Leland Sierra Nevada Backpacker fly rod. The Leland Sierra Nevada fly line is an efficient-casting line with a softer coating, which makes for butter smooth casting, elegant loops and very subtle presentations. It’s also the right color for fishing the gin clear waters found in the mountains.

Not just any fly reel is suitable to store our Leland Sierra Nevada fly line, nor attempt to compliment our Sierra Nevada Backpacker fly rod. From the ground up, we designed our Golden Trout fly reel to of course function properly in the field, but moreover…celebrate the sport and the experience of fishing small streams for trout. Its elegant cosmetics is matched by its simple design. With a proven click and pawl drag system, even a small fish is a fun battle.

When you assemble our Leland Rod Co. Sierra Nevada Backpacker Outfit on the side of your favorite back country trout stream, you’ll get it. When you celebrate each cast with our best work, while surrounded by nature’s beauty, you’ll get it. And when you release that jewel of a trout you just caught…you’ll really get it. You truly understand why this outfit deserves to exist and how, in a small but very special way, it makes your life in the field that much better.


Weight 1.34 kg
Dimensions 92 × 15.25 × 15.25 cm


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