SemperFli Professional Dubbing System

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Product Description

Dubbing, you find a particular color that matches the hatch exactly and then cannot find anyone able to supply it! Go to the river and net nymphs or flies and matching the color exactly at home has always been a problem. Now the problem is solved with the color matching system and dubbing from Semperfli.

This is the flagship of the fly tying range, the Semperfli Professional Dubbing System which will replace every dubbing box you have had previously! This system comes with a professional A4 size binder, with 65mm D rings. Inside you will find the most amazing dubbing set available world-wide, it includes:

  • 143 Solid Dubbing colors
  • 15 Ice Dubbing that can be used on their own or with the solid dubbing colors
  • 13 Natural Fur Dubbing colors that can be used on their own or with the solid dubbing colors
  • 2 laminated color match charts.

The solid colors come in 1″ / 25mm lengths which enable you to make dubbing ropes for detached bodies or to use as standard dubbing. To these you can mix the sparkle / glister dubbing or the spiky dubbing giving a vast range of effects. There are distinct ranges of colors within the Semperfli Professional Dubbing System which will match ANY dubbing colors required world-wide. Regardless of what type of fly you are tying, delicate olive dry flies, Irish shrimp patterns, wet flies or saltwater we are certain that you will find the match within this system. The Semperfli Professional Dubbing System is unique as every color can be purchased as spares / refills.

With its professional folder and space for personalized  dubbing mixes we have found all of our draws full of dubbing boxes have gone since getting our hands upon this incredible system.