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SemperFli Nano Silk Ultra Fine 30D 18/0


Nano Silk is regarded as the tying thread of choice of fly tyers worldwide.


Nano Silk is regarded as the tying thread of choice of fly tyers worldwide. Being so super strong and available in such a variety of colors and deniers it has endless possibilities and can be used for micro flies, medium flies and salmon/predator flies! Virtually unbreakable and still capable of being split down for dubbing twists there is no fly tying thread as strong as Nano Silk anywhere!
The white can be dyed with a simple permanent marker pen for any color you may desire!

Tips from SemperFli

  •  Always use a ceramic bobbin holder.
  •  To cut use a sharp blade or craft knife. It is a good idea not to use your best scissors but make sure you use sharp scissors
  • Some tyers place a magnet on their vice with a razor blade on it so the blade is more easily accessible when cutting Nano Silk.
  • Struggling to load it onto your bobbin holder, wet your finger and thumb to bring the fibres together, place in the tube and suck. On the other hand you can use a threader.
  • To prevent slippage at the eye of the hook, pull the silk through tyers wax.
  •  If you twist the bobbin holder anti clockwise the silk will lie flat which means it can then be split to form a dubbing loop.
  • Alternatively, before tying materials in, if you spin the bobbin clockwise, the loop will close and this will tighten up the thread strands to get a really secure tie in.
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