Scott Howell Squidro Summer Series, Olive/Orange, 2

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Leland on Scott Howell Squidro Sea Food Series Steelhead Flies

The Scott Howell Squidro Sea Food Series puts the “squid” in Squidro. When steelhead leave their saltwater haunts, and make their initial push into their natal freshwater flows, the Sea Food Series gives these dime bright fish a pretty irresistible opportunity to crush that one last squid before continuing the arduous journey ahead.

  • Killer color combos for any summer steelhead fishing situation, and can be very effective in low-and-clear winter conditions, or any time you are following a buddy through a run.
  • Large profile activates the silicone legs, and gets steelies excited.
  • Maintains a swimming, breathing action while swinging through a wide range of current speeds
  • Fish with a loop knot, for faster sink and more movement
  • Cast, mend, swing, and HOLD ON TIGHT
  • Length: 1.5in. shank, 3in. overall
  • Hook: Size 2 trailer hook

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