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Red Truck Diesel 5wt Switch, 4 Piece, 5110-4


A line weight for small coastal rivers or indicator nymphing for trout. The perfect length for overhead and spey casting.


Leland on the Red Truck 5110-4 Switch Rod Why are the best looking seams always just out of reach? When it comes to distance, there is nothing better than a Red Truck 5110-4 Switch Fly Rod. The 11 feet of reach gives an angler the length to be completely stealthy when high-sticking, or the ability to roll cast or overhead cast to the opposite bank. Leave no boulder uncovered. With the Red Truck 5110-4 Switch Fly Rod, you now have a whole new way to fish large tailwater trout rivers or small to medium size steelhead waters. Match this rod to a RIO Skagit Short Head for fantastic swinging capabilities, or a longer belly single-hand line line like the 5 weight Steelhead and Salmon for the ultimate in dead-drift presentations. Light, versatile and fun to cast, the Red Truck 5110-4 Switch Fly Rod allows you to take control in every situation. The leaves are turning color and those Fall-run Steelhead are headed up river, so no time to lose.

Weight 1.34 kg
Dimensions 107 × 10 × 10 cm



Diesel 5110-4


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