Red Truck Diesel Summer Switch 5110-4 Outfit

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The Red Truck Diesel Summer Switch Outfit:

Red Truck Diesel Switch Nymph Rod:

Why are the best looking seams always just out of reach? When it comes to distance, there is nothing better than a Red Truck 5110-4 Switch Fly Rod. The 11 feet of reach gives an angler the length to be completely stealthy when high-sticking, or the ability to roll cast or overhead cast to the opposite bank. Leave no boulder uncovered. With the Red Truck 5110-4 Switch Fly Rod, you now have a whole new way to fish large tailwater trout rivers or small to medium size steelhead waters. Match this rod to a RIO Skagit Short Head for fantastic swinging capabilities, or a longer belly single-hand line line like the 5 weight Steelhead and Salmon for the ultimate in dead-drift presentations. Light, versatile and fun to cast, the Red Truck 5110-4 Switch Fly Rod allows you to take control in every situation. The leaves are turning color and those Fall-run Steelhead are headed up river, so no time to lose.

Red Truck Diesel Fly Reel 7/8 weight:

Taking its cues from steelhead angling tradition, blending classical aesthetics with contemporary function!

The criteria were fairly simple: the reel had to be functional, durable, and beautiful. It had to look and sound like a fly reel. It had to have the appeal to stand the test of time. In short, it had to deserve to exist. Fully machined from anodized aluminum, the Diesel is corrosion-, scratch-, and impact-resistant. The proven click-pawl drag system is dependable, simple, and easily convertible from right to left-hand wind. Should you need to apply more pressure on fired-up trout and steelhead, the exposed palming rim is there for you.

The Diesel fly reel was designed for fishing for steelhead on single hand rods with a variety of line systems. Some of our favorites are swinging with shooting heads, skating dry flies, and indicator fishing. Smartly-sized for summer steelhead and Alaska rainbows, the Diesel 7/8 has more than ample backing and works more like a large arbor fly reel, due to its refined dimensions.
The Diesel Fly Reel is machined with precision to keep even the thinnest running lines from slipping through the frame. When hooked to a fish, you’ll rejoice in the Diesel’s sweet sound, as the traditional “click and pawl” drag system sings its song. Not only does the click and pawl sound great but it’s perfect drag range will keep you from loosing fish. The click and pawl design is truly the set it and forget it approach to landing more steelhead. . Although designed to pair well with a seven or eight weight single hand fly rod, this reel complements lighter switch and Spey rods, too.


  • Diesel 389-4 Fly Rod
  • Balanced Diesel 3/4 Reel
  • Airflo Supple Technical 3 wt line
  • Extra Tip
  • 12 ft 5x Leader
  • Rigged and ready to fish



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