Red Truck Diesel 7wt 9ft Fly Rod, 4 Piece, 790-4

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Product Description

Brand new!

Whether you’re chasing bones on the flats or fishing smallies on your favorite stream, this brand new Red Truck Diesel 7wt 9ft Fly Rod will quickly become part of your collection.


The Red Truck Diesel 790-4 Fly Rod

·A great rod starts with the grip. Red Trucks full wells grip is not only ergonomic but enhances feel and efficiency of casting and fishing.

·Matte finished reducing rod glare, reflection from the sun hitting the rod blank caused from shiny rods, which can spook fish.

·Sanded and precision fit ferules, where the rod pieces come together, allow for repairs in just 3 days and eliminates the need for you to ship the entire rod back to us.

·Effortlessly cast heavier flies and rigs.

·Powerful mid section and butt for ease of picking up heavy rigs and streamers.

·Hand made with incredible craftsmanship and premium components.

·Saltwater safe



The Recommended Reel: A perfect match for this Red Truck Fly Rod is our Red Truck Migration 6Nine Fly Reel.  The Migration 6Nine by the Red Truck Fly Fishing Co. is one of the smoothest reels we’ve come across.  Fully machined and featuring a sealed drag, this reel is the perfect choice for those of you looking for the perfect reel for you 7-8 weight fly rod.  Not only is this reel amazing performance wise it’s got the looks to go along with it.

·Machined from solid bar stock aluminum this reel will be appreciated for generations to come.

·Fully sealed drag system.

·Unlike most cork and sealed drags the drag system in this reel is not affected by cold temperatures.

Where will your Red Truck take you?


  • Line Size: 7 wt
  • Rod Length: 9′
  • Sections: 4
  • Weight:
  • Cork: AAA Grade
  • Handle: Modified Full Wells
  • Reel Seat: Double Uplocking Gunsmoke Anodized Machined Aluminumn
  • Action: Fast

Additional Information

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 100 × 10 × 10 cm

4 reviews for Red Truck Diesel 7wt 9ft Fly Rod, 4 Piece, 790-4

  1. 5 out of 5


    My wife bought me the 790-4 Diesel for Christmas. I was excited to see that this rod was added to the Red Truck Diesel series. I haven’t fished it yet but, after casting it, I wanted to do a quick review. This rod may be the best one yet in the series along with the 590-4 as it will cover a lot of different kinds of fishing. I can’t wait to use this rod in Mexico or Belize for bonefish, chucking streamers, bass bugs, and my favorite kind of steelhead fishing, swinging wet flies near the surface. This rod is light in the hand with a fairly soft tip and yet is has power in the butt section. You can lay down a fly with finesse or chuck a 250 gr. Streamer tip line with a sculpin pattern. You can’t go wrong adding this rod to your quiver especially given the price.

    February 21, 2020
  2. 5 out of 5


    I wanted to be the first to review this outstanding addition to the series. After spending some time casting this rod with various lines and flies the 790-4 Diesel may become my new favorite Red Truck rod along with the 590-4. This rod with be a great streamer rod, bass rod and I can’t wait to take it to Mexico or Belize for bonefish. It’s light in the hand, has a softer tip and plenty of power down in the butt section of the rod. Great addition to the Diesel series!

    February 21, 2020
  3. 5 out of 5


    I was excited to see that this rod was added to the series. My first impression is wow! This rod alongside the Red Truck 590 may be the best in the lineup. It’s light in the hand, has a great medium-fast action, with plenty of reserve power to handle a large streamer pattern. You would have to spend twice as much money to find a rod to compete with new Red Truck Diesel rod.

    February 22, 2020
  4. 5 out of 5


    I was excited when I found that a seven weight was added to the series as a six is a little light for the large streamers I like to throw and an eight is a little overkill for trout in most cases. After casting this rod all I can say is the folks at Red Truck have a real winner as the rod is light in the hand, can power a big fly in a headwind and yet make a delicate presentation when needed such as on a calm bonefish flat. My 590 diesel has some serious competition for my favorite Red Truck rod!

    February 23, 2020

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