Red Truck 1953 All-Purpose Trout Combo 5wt 4-piece

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Product Description

The 9ft 5wt Red Truck 1953 Fly Rod Combo is the perfect all-around fly rod for everything TROUT!

All fly rods can catch fish…but not all fly rods are fun to cast. The 1953 5wt handles well in all different fishing situations. Whether you’re dry fly fishing, nymphing or pulling streamers, this fly rod combo can do it all.

These fully rigged combos come ready to fish, and YES, that includes a leader.  If you’re in need of a new trout outfit, then gear up with 1953.

  • The Red Truck 5wt 9ft 1953 Fly Rod
  • The Red Truck 1953 All-Purpose Trout Fly Reel
  • A 5wt Custom Red Truck Fly Line
  • 12foot 4X Leader