No Eyes – Scott Howell Squidro, Olive/Orange, 2

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Leland on Scott Howell Squidro Winter Series Steelhead Flies

The Scott Howell Squidro Winter Series is not just another big wiggly. The combination of extra large profile, vibrant colors, and fast sink rate of the Squidro Winter Series expands the boundaries of “fishable” conditions to those previously dismissed as blown out. This is particularly advantageous to anglers fishing coastal rivers that rise and fall in a matter of days, if not hours, and where being on the water before the fish blast up their natal skinny water is the difference between a banner day and a goose egg.

The longer rubber legs on the Winter Series Squidro impart an irresistible breathing action in to the fly, and because they do not absorb any water, casting a big fly with large lead eyes has never been easier. We can think of no better way to seduce a winter steelhead than with the large, undulating wiggle of a Winter Series Squidro! Whether you are fishing in California, Alaska, or anywhere in between, the Squidro Winter Series is designed to elicit an aggressive chase response from steelhead, that have most likely been gorging themselves on real squid in the days, weeks, months, and years prior to their freshwater return. However, Alaskan salmon will also crush these.

The Squidro Winter Series flies provide an unmatched combination of profile, movement, sink rate, castability, durability, and versatility – the results speak for themselves!


Leland on Scott Howell:

The release of Skagit Master II is letting the world in on a secret that Leland has known for years: when it comes to steelheading experience, knowledge, and technique, Scott Howell is a resource without peer. We think he might just be the fishiest man alive. For almost four decades, Scott has been fishing the steelhead waters of the Pacific Rim, and for over 20 years, he’s been guiding them professionally. He was one of the handful of Pacific Northwest anglers to pick up two-handed rods in the late 1980s, and was an integral part of the period of casting and line-design innovation known as the “Skagit Revolution.” He was also part of the first batch of American guides to fish the unexplored steelhead rivers of Russia’s Kamchatka peninsula. His wealth of experience and scope of expertise are difficult to fathom. For six years, when he was guiding in Alaska every summer, Scott made his home in British Columbia. One year, he promised himself we would fish every day, from the time he got home from Alaska in September, through the winter, until he went back the following May – and he did. Each year Scott spends over 300 days guiding on his homewaters in southern Oregon, with the vast majority of his bookings coming from repeat clients. Leland feels very fortunate to have this opportunity to work with Scott.

  • The most effective color combos for heavy winter flows
  • Extra Large profile pushes water, yet sinks fast down into the zone
  • Undulating silicone legs get the steelies excited
  • Maintains a swimming, breathing action while swinging through a wide range of current speeds
  • Fish with a loop knot, for faster sink and more movement
  • Cast, mend, swing, and HOLD ON TIGHT
  • Length: 1.75in. shank, 3.5in. overall
  • Hook: Size 2 trailer hook

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