New Zealand Trout Fly Fishing Outfit 9′ 5-Weight

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New Zealand Trout:

Most trout are opportunistic and live in water that is constantly reacting to Mother Nature’s ebbs and flows. Water levels, water temperatures and even aquatic and terrestrial insects vary in availability and by season. It’s in this ever-changing world that trout must adjust in order to survive. Fly anglers must also adjust their approach to be successful.

For these reasons, we’ve created the New Zealand Trout Fly Fishing Outfit. This balanced collection of gear was actually designed from the ground up, allowing each component (rod, reel, line, leader) to compliment one another. The result is the best balanced trout fly fishing outfit you’ve ever touched. From a casting perspective our New Zealand Trout Outfit offers the angler any cast he or she might need to be successful: underhand, overhand, roll cast or even single Spey. Varying your casts and rigging techniques is the best way to enjoy every cast and earn every catch.

We’ve also included in this outfit an extra, matching tip for our New Zealand Trout rod…in the event you fracture your tip on a trout trip. To compliment our fine casting fly rod, we’ve chosen our very own Leland Custom fly line. The universal and efficient profile of this line allows the angler to “rig” just about any way conditions dictate and yet still accurately deliver the fly or rig on target.

We’ve professionally loaded this line on our Leland Reel Co. Classic Trout fly reel. Beyond aesthetically pleasing, this reel balances perfectly with our fly rod and when joined together, arguably makes the best looking outfit you’ve laid eyes on. Finally, we’ve included a three-pack of our world-famous Leland New Zealand tapered leaders (12′ 4X) for ultra-efficient casts and near-mendless drifts.


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  • Rod: New Zealand Trout, 9′ #5 4-Piece
  • Extra Tip: For New Trout
  • Rod Tube: Painted aluminum
  • Line: Leland Custom WF5F Floating
  • Reel: Leland Classic Trout, 5-6
  • Leader: Leland New Zealand 12′ 4x


Additional Information

Weight 1.34 kg
Dimensions 92 × 15.25 × 15.25 cm


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