New Zealand Streamer Fly Fishing Outfit 9′ 6-Weight

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Product Description

The biggest trout in the water know one thing, big things come in big packages.

A cast up stream, your articulated streamer lands inches from the cut bank. Strip, Strip, STRIP Wham… a big golden flash! If big Brown Trout, hungry Rainbows, or Bull Trout are your target this is your outfit.

It’s a fact that larger trout save their energy by resting most of the day and then hunting smaller fish for calories. Knowing this, a trout angler focused on catching the largest fish in the river should cast streamer patterns. This is no easy feat with a four or five weight fly rod, as the vehicle for delivering our flies is our fly line. To cast larger, heavier flies we need a fly line with more mass and a fly rod that can cast it. Good news! This is exactly why we designed the New Zealand Streamer Fly Fishing Outfit.

Our New Zealand Streamer fly rod was designed to efficiently cast heavier streamer patters efficiently and accurately. The result is a fly rod that you can cast all day without fatigue, yet can still efficiently deliver the goods. In this outfit we even include an extra, matching tip section for our streamer fly rod, in the event rod breakage occurs on an extended fishing trip.

For casting pleasure and function, we’ve matched our rod with our very own Leland Custom fly line. It’s the right taper to assist in accurately casting larger, heavier streamers. We’ve professionally rigged this line on arguably one of the best looking trout reels offered today, the Leland Reel Co. Classic Trout fly reel.

It’s the correct size and weight to balance with our fly rod and looks drop-dead gorgeous when mounted to our rod. We’ve even included a 3-pack of the right tapered leaders for ease of casting and for solid fishing function. It’s now time to go hunting for big trout.



  • Rod: New Zealand Streamer, 9′ #6 4-Piece
  • Extra Tip: For New Zealand Streamer
  • Rod Tube: Painted aluminum
  • Line: Leland Custom WF6F Floating
  • Reel: Leland Classic Trout, 5-6
  • Leader: 9′ 3x


Additional Information

Weight 1.34 kg
Dimensions 92 x 15.25 x 15.25 cm


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