New Zealand Spring Creek Fly Fishing Outfit 8′ 9″ 3-Weight

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New Zealand Spring Creek Fly Fishing Outfit:

Spring creeks serve up some of the most challenging trout fishing available. Crystal clear water moving at a slow pace allows ample time for educated and nervous trout to inspect every dubious offering. This is just the reason we’ve assembled the best spring creek fly fishing outfit on the planet.

Our smooth casting New Zealand Spring Creek rod is 8’9″ in length, which provides the caster the ability to keep long-leadered casts high above surrounding reeds and serves up smooth mends required for long, natural-drifts. As a three weight, our rod delivers up the most subtle presentations possible, yet sill can deliver the fun fluffy dry flies. We even include an extra tip section for our Spring Creek fly rod…just in case.

We’ve increased your casting enjoyment by pairing our fine rod with our very own Leland Custom fly line. With a delicate front taper, this line casts smoothly, yet still delivers the required energy to turn over lengthy leaders.

We’ve stored this line on our Classic Spring Creek fly reel. Of course it’s the right size and weight to balance with our New Zealand Spring Creek fly rod, but moreover this reel speaks to you visually, as it looks like a fly reel you might find hidden in your Grandfather’s sock drawer. When mounted on our Spring Creek fly rod, all is right in the world.  Finally, we include a three-pack of the right leader for casting performance and fishing success.  It’s time to head to your favorite spring creek.

Complete fly fishing outfit, includes fly rod with professionally-rigged fly reel, leaders and 6 flies
Perfect for spring creeks or any stream where spooky trout require a delicate presentation
Balanced and efficient for the easiest fly cast of your life
Four-piece fly rod for convenient storage and travel
Includes protective fly rod tube and leather reel case
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  • Rod: New Zealand Spring Creek, 8’9″ #3 4-Piece
  • Extra Tip: For New Zealand Spring Creek
  • Rod Tube: Painted aluminum
  • Line: Leland Custom WF3F Floating
  • Reel: Leland Classic Spring Creek, 3-4
  • Leader: Leland New Zealand 12′ 4x


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Weight 1.34 kg
Dimensions 92 x 15.25 x 15.25 cm


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