New Zealand Dry-Fly Fly Fishing Outfit 8′ 6″ 4-Weight

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Product Description

Leland New Zealand Dry Fly Outfit:

“Hooking a trout has much to do with how perfectly you are able to present your dries.”

Dry fly fishing for trout is viewed as the purest form of our sport. It’s also the most fun. Accurate casts are followed by the anticipation of a strike as you watch your fly float with the current’s pace. In an instant, a silver flash proves that your offering was worthwhile.

Whether you hook your fish or not, the visual game of dry fly fishing fills your soul with the correct medicine for what ails you. For just this experience, we’ve assembled the best casting, dry fly outfit ever offered.

Our New Zealand Dry Fly rod is 8’6″ in length. This magic length keeps our rod lively and crisp, offering effortless and accurate casts. As a four weight, this rod can still deliver the fun flies like hoppers or Humpies, yet still offer up subtle presentations when fishing smaller dries.

We’ve even included an extra, matching tip for your Dry Fly rod…just in case.

To increase your casting experience we’ve chosen Airflo’s Ridge Technical fly line, which casts with ease, authority and delicacy.

We’ve loaded this line on our Classic Spring Creek fly reel. Of course it’s the right size and weight to balance with our New Zealand Dry Fly fly rod, but moreover this reel speaks to you visually, as it looks like a fly reel you might find hidden in your Grandfather’s sock drawer. When mounted on our Dry Fly fly rod, all is right in the world.

Finally, we include a three pack of tapered trout leaders (9′ 5x) for casting and fishing pleasure.


Leland New Zealand Dry Fly Outfit:

  • Rod: New Zealand Dry Fly, 8’6″ #4 4-Piece
  • Extra Tip: For New Zealand Dry Fly
  • Rod Tube: Painted aluminum
  • Line: Leland Custom WF4F Floating
  • Reel: Leland Classic Spring Creek, 3-4
  • Leader: Leland New Zealand 12′ 4x

Additional Information

Weight 1.34 kg
Dimensions 92 x 15.25 x 15.25 cm


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