Nature Boy Designs Para-Coil Retractor – 4″

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Product Description

A great way to keep your tools close at hand. Finally, a retractor that does not bind, jam up, or you have to throw out after a season. Each and every Para-Coil Retractor is made by the crew at Nature Boy Designs. The process of making them is a bit more involved and time consuming, but the final product is well worth it.

The 4″ model stretches out to approximately 2 – 3 feet.  We find it perfect for attaching your clippers, hemostats, or any other small gadget you need to keep handy.  These retractors and made with 550 Paracord and a plastic that is boiled to retain its memory.  Each comes with stainless steel rings and had nickel silver trigger snap for easy of connection.  Available in OD Green,  ACU Digital Camo, Blaze Orange, Pink, and Purple this is one retractor that looks nicer and will outlast all others.


  • Made in the USA from  Paracord.
  • 4 inch model stretches out to approximately 2.5 feet.
  • Stainless steel split rings on each end.
  • Includes nickel silver trigger snap.
  • Perfect for line nippers and smaller items.