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Nature Boy Designs “All Axis” Tippet Holder


Introducing the Nature Boy Designs “All Axis” Tippet Holder.


Introducing the Nature Boy Designs “All Axis” Tippet Holder.

This handy holder can be connected by a variety of methods to your pack, vest, or lanyard and can be worn horizontal or vertical.  By using a hard acrylic tubing matched with pressure fitted washers your tippet spools will stay in place and are easy to adjust position.  Adding and removing tippet spools is easy.  Simply, remove the Duolock Snap and push or pull up on the top washer until it pops over the first and second paracord knots.  Next, add or remove a spool and replace the washer by inserting the knots back though the hole in the center of the washer and push back onto the acrylic tubing.

The “All Axis” Tippet Holder works perfectly with the Leland Nature Boy Fully Loaded Lanyards, as well as various other NBD products. Available in 5 different colors, including Neon Orange and Green for high visibility if you take it off when you’re re-rigging on the side of the river, this is one NBD product you should not be without.  As always, these product are made by Nature Boy Designs here in the USA.

*Nippers are not included and are shown for display purposes only.

  • Holds up to 6 spools of tippet
  • Stainless steel split ring can be use as a connection point or for other tools
  • 2 stainless steel rubber backed washers hold your tippet in place
  • 100 lb paracord
  • Hard acrylic 3″ tube
  • Stainless steel Duolock Snap for easy connection or adding additional tools
  • Available in Black, Electric Blue, Red, Neon Orange, & Neon Green
  • Made by Nature Boy Designs in the USA



Red, Black, Electric Blue, Neon Green, Neon Orange

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