Loop Double Handed XACT 2012 10wt 15′ Spey Rod

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Loop Xact 2012 10wt 15ft Spey Rod

Loop is no stranger to the world of double-hand rods, in fact they helped to develop some of Sage’s first spey rods only to test them in the world’s premier Atlantic Salmon waters. So it’s no surprise that the Loop Xact 2012 10wt 15ft Spey Rod is one of the best options for serious anglers who need serious performance. It d’esn’t get much bigger and better than swinging a fifteen-footer to a run of Atlantic salmon or Alaska kings, and the Loop Xact 2012 10wt 15ft Spey Rod is the ultimate when it comes to size and refined power.

  • Model: 10150-4 MF (2012 edition)
  • Line Weight: 10
  • Length: 15ft
  • Rod Weight (grams): 277
  • Sections: 4
  • Triangular locking reel seat for easy reel application
  • Traditional round handle in cork-mix
  • Rod model inscription and dot mark on ferrules for correct fit on rod sections
  • Cloth bag and pentagonal cordura tube
  • Ceramic stripping guides and durable chrome snake-guides with double coating

Leland on Loop Pioneers of angling prestige and performance, Loop has been blazing trails internationally for over three decades and Leland is proud to be part of their stateside story. Loop was founded by two fly fishing gurus whose passion for the sport is equaled only by their gift for innovation. With this unparallelled balance of tradition and technology, Loop is the realization of a dream to craft fly fishing tackle as spectacular as the uncharted waters its patrons revere. Fly Fishing is in Loop’s DNA. Loop knows that setting the standard for fly fishing technology once takes dedication, but that revolutionizing the fly fishing industry several times over takes perfection. With the invention of the large arbor fly reel, the underhand casting method, and an unquenchable passion for seeking out premier fly fishing, Loop has accomplished more since 1979 than most fly tackle companies could ever imagine.

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