Loop Cross S1 Tarpon Fly Fishing Solution

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The Loop Cross S1 Tarpon Fly Fishing Solution is ready to catch you a dream fish.

Tarpon rule the fly fishing world. Their strength and fighting tenacity undeniably make even the best angler’s knees knock. The Loop Cross S1 1290-4 fly rod is built for a life in the saltwater environment with saltwater-safe components, like anodized aluminum and titanium hardware. This balanced solution comes with a Loop Tarpon fly line, which is quick loading, smooth casting and, with its low-stretch core, provides unmatched hook setting performance. When you do hook your trophy fish, you’ll be happy to know that we didn’t skimp on the fly reel in this package. Loop was the first fly tackle company to ever offer a large arbor fly reel. Since then, they’ve perfected the design that all others have copied. With faster line pickup, less line coiling and a consistent drag setting provided by a fully sealed drag system…you’ll have more than a chance at landing a big tarpon.

Rod:  Loop Cross S1 1290-4

Reel:  Limited Edition Loop Opti Megaloop Reel

Line:  Loop Tarpon Fly Line, WF12F


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