Loop Cross S1 Rod Blanks – 9ft 11WT 4-piece

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Product Description

Never before has such an amazing rod blank been available for this RIDICULOUS price.  We highly recommend John Patrick Rivera from The Fly Rod Company in Idaho Falls, ID to build your custom fly rod.  We’ve known John for years and not only is he an amazing rod builder, but he’s a FFF certified Casting Instructor so he knows how these rods perform.  Contact John to build your custom LOOP Cross S1 Rod.

The Fly Rod Company
John Patrick Rivera and Fabia Fuenzalida
p: (208) 528-7997

More about the Cross S1:  We could write an entire book on the adventure that has led to the development and introduction of the Cross S1 PowerluxTM fly rods, but we won’t. Instead, we would rather ask you to try one because the only way to truly understand what we mean is to test one for yourself.

The Cross S1 series of fly rods are built with 3M PowerluxTM. The Composite features a revolutionary technology that contains nano-sized spheres of silica so small, they are able to flow between individual filaments of carbon fiber, creating a matrix of strength throughout the entire composite. The resulting material enables designers to develop rods that are not only incredibly strong and durable, but also lighter in weight and more sensitive.

Other nano technologies than 3M PowerluxTM, like carbon nano tubes, cannot filter between carbon fibers due to their higher length-to-width ratio of 15:1. 3M PowerluxTM spherical nanoparticles have a 1:1 length-to-width ratio, uniquely allowing for more than 40 percent of nanoparticles to be uniformly dispersed.