Loop Cross S1 11ft 6wt Travel Switch Rod

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Product Description

There’s an interesting progression in fly rod design over the last several years. Due to material advances, manufacturing processes and fly line systems, two-handed fly rods (including switch rods) are becoming shorter in length and lighter in rating…yet they still have the power to cast larger flies and land bigger fish.

With this in mind, Loop introduces their new 11′ #6 switch rod. If you’re the type who fishes smaller, summer stealhead waters or tributaries, pay attention. It’s the perfect length for casting in tighter quarters, yet still has the required length for easy line mends for butter smooth swings. As a six weight, this rod can subtly present flies on a Scandi head to fish stacked in gin clear water, yet it can also be loaded up with a Skagit head to carry larger flies on sink tips when necessary.

For those of you “bobber-heads” out there, you just bumped into the ultimate indicator nymph rod. Regardless of your style of nymph rig, the Loop Cross S-1 11′ #6 switch rod can deliver the goods and mend like mad after the cast, providing the ultimate drifts.

Unlike most “American” fly rod tapers that are fast action and require a powerful casting stroke, this Loop Cross S-1 has a unique taper (best described as deep-flex, fast-action), which makes casting not only efficient, but fun. You can relax with a slower casting tempo, yet still get your fly to the mark.

Beyond a great-casting fly rod, the new Cross S-1 6110-5 comes with a few extra tricks under its sleeve. With 3M’s nano resin system this rod is darn near impossible to break under normal fishing circumstances. No joke…it’s really strong, yet still well-balanced and light enough to cast all day. Add to this, REC’s Recoil Titanium guides for smooth casts and guides that can take a licking and keep ticking. This is one tough, great-casting, great-fishing fly rod.

Finally, it’s a five-piece fly rod. Why? Due to advances in materials, resins and ferrules, a five-piece can cast as well as a two-piece fly rod and yet travel with ease. If you need an excuse for a new fly rod, you don’t have to think too hard to add this particular fly rod to you personal collection.

  • Line size: 6
  • Length: 11ft
  • Weight: 5 oz
  • Blank color: Matte smoke finish
  • Handle: High-grade cork with Cork mix reinforcements
  • Triangular 3-pin aluminum reel seat in Gun Metal finish
  • Stripping Guides: REC RSG Nickel Titanium Recoil, Extra strong, Black Pearl finish
  • Snake Guides: REC RSNX Nickel Titanium Recoil, Extra strong, Black Pearl finish
  • Delivered in matching Gun Metal aluminum tube and cloth rod sock


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