Leland Rod Co – Winter Steelhead Selection

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There’s a reason we call them winter steelhead instead of just steelhead. They act much differently than your average summer fish. Your bigger, thicker slabs of winter chrome love to hold in the deeper runs and sulk. They don’t chase flies with the abandon that summer fish display. Instead, you need to entice them with a bigger offering and get it right in front of their face. We’ve got the right flies for your winter steelheading needs and we’ve smartly parked them in our Leland Rod Co. Winter Steelhead fly box. Yup, 21 of our favorite winter steelhead patterns are ready for your next adventure. We intentionally leave half the fly box empty, so you can visit your local winter steelhead fly shop, get the fishing scoop and pick up some luck local bugs to add to your awesome winter steelhead collection. Now go chase some chrome.


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Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 cm



21 Flies