Leland Rod Co – Trout Fly Selection

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Leland’s Trout Fly Selection:

Arrive prepared.

Is it possible to fish the planet for trout with just 36 flies? Who knows, it’s a big planet for sure. But you’ll arrive prepared for any type of trout fishing with the Leland Rod Co. Trout Fly Box. It’s got a little bit of everything in there, from dries, nymphs and streamers. What’s better is that we only fill up half the fly box allowing you to stop in a local fly shop on your next fishing adventure. Ask a few questions, get the fishing report and pick up a few secret trout flies, while you’re at it. Pretty sure you know where to put them.

  • Box Dimensions: 6″L x 3.5″W x 1 1/8″D
  • Slit-Foam Rows: 12
  • Fly Capacity: 282
  • Flies: 36 of the Good Stuff

Additional Information

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 15.25 x 15.25 x 15.25 cm


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