Leland Rod Co – Four Trout Fly Box Selection

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Leland Rod Co – Four Trout Fly Box Selection:

Finally something very simple and so thought out!

With all the time, energy, and money you’ve dedicated to the study and practice of fly fishing, your flies deserve more than just ordinary fly boxes.

Just about every trout fly angler already owns a fly box or two. And yes, it’s a good bet that their fly boxes do hold trout flies. It’s also another good bet that if you were to peek inside your angling friend’s fly boxes you’d withdraw in shock from the unorganized mess of feathered hooks.

At Leland, we’re fly anglers too, and as such, we’ve spent far too many days on the water rummaging through our vest pockets for our collection of oddly sized fly boxes, looking for that special fly. Grumbling, we’d poke about in our unorganized mess of flies telling ourselves, “It’s in here somewhere.”

Well, that’s no longer the case for us. We now have our Leland Rod Co. fly boxes. We’re now organized anglers and you (our your angling friends) can be too. These color-coded, anodized aluminum boxes are smartly labelled on all four sides for quick and easy identification. We’ve taken our four most-popular Leland Rod Co. fly boxes and grouped them in a special offering that will make sense to any trout angler.

Inside each fly box are rows of slit foam that will conveniently hold all types of flies. For example, you might want to assemble all your micro mays and midges into our “Spring Creek” box. Take your fluffy Wulffs and Humpies and load them into our “Dry Fly” box. Of course your general-purpose nymphs and bead-heads will have their happy home in our “Nymph” box. Your bulky streamers belong obviously in our clearly-labelled “Streamer” box. It all makes sense.

Next time you fish, you’ll actually enjoy changing flies. You’ll easily identify the fly box you need, and well-organized inside, you’ll find your magic bug. Even better, you’ll find yourself compelled to put your flies back where they neatly belong in their categorized boxes. Your mom would be so proud.

Regardless of how disorganized your actual life is, at least your fly fishing life will be ship-shape with this handy set of four Leland Rod Co. fly boxes. Enjoy!

  • Four (4) – Aluminium Fly Boxs
  • 6 rows of micro-slit foam each side
  • Size: 6″ x 3.5″ x 1 1/8″
  • Classic English Style

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