Leland Click-Clack Fly Tin

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Product Description

Leland Click-Clack Fly Tin:

Don’t just buy one. This handy fly tin will soon be your favorite small storage device!

Sure you’ve already got a fly box or two, but not this little gem. Small enough to fit in any pocket, you can drop a handful of your favorite flies into our tin and catch the evening hatch. No need to carry your big fly box.

Not just for flies…toss in your spare change, pills or your secret decoder ring. As long as it fits in our tin, you’re good to go.

With just a push of your finger on our tin’s lid, you’ll hear a “click” announcing that you’ve successfully opened it. To close, a soft squeeze on the lid’s side will make a “clack” locking it tight. No keys, no combination codes…just simple physics here folks.

Get a bunch. Give them to your angling friends. Give them to your kids or your kid’s angling friends…we really don’t care and we assure you everyone will think you’re cool.


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Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 cm



2.19″ W x .75″ H