Hatch Premium Braided Backing – 100m

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Product Description

100m Hatch Premium Braided Backing

At Hatch, we’ve created a backing material that has the touch and feel of Dacron combined with the strength and diameter of Gel Spun in a single 8 braid PE line for use in all fly fishing applications.

Why only one size backing?

Take a look at the chart below. You’ll see that the diameter of Hatch backing is equal to or less than our competitors’ products. Now look at the lb/kg ratings. You’ll notice right away that our material is stronger than everyone else’s. The diameter of the line determines how much backing builds up on the arbor of a reel, not the pound rating. So, a single diameter line can be used effectively in all fly-fishing applications – fresh or saltwater.

100m Hatch Premium Braided Backing

  • Length 100m
  • Diameter .015″ / 37mm
  • Strength 68lb / 30kg
  • Conversion 100m = 108 yards


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