Advanced Fly Casting Techniques – Private Lesson

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How to Fly Cast: Goal 3 – Efficient Distance Casting

Adding distance to any cast can increase your enjoyment of the sport…and earn you more fish!


• Efficient, Controlled Distance
• Shooting Line from Water
• Shooting Line from Air


• Confirming your fly equipment is balanced
• Balancing your fly equipment, if possible
• Demonstrating balanced, efficient Leland equipment


• Fly cast where others cannot
• Fish your fly where others cannot
• Catch fish others cannot

When fly casters think about distance, far too often the focus is solely on the longest fly cast possible. To us at Leland, this is missing the point. Controlled distance is the real goal. With it, you can put your fly accurately where you want it, whether close, medium and of course, far.

To reach out further with your fly cast, power is not the only consideration. Instead, efficiency and a well-formed loop are the necessary building blocks. Only when a loop of fly line is properly formed will it travel through the air with as little resistance as possible creating fly casts beyond forty feet.
If you’ve visited us for our fly casting goals, 1 and 2, you’re now ready for Goal 3. Leveraging our proven fly casting principles, we’ll show you how to efficiently form a smooth fly line loop. We’ll prove to you that you can cast in the wind and we’ll provide you with the necessary skill set to reach out further with your fly cast than you ever thought possible, while still remaining accurate.

With these casting skills wind will become far less relevant to your day on the water. You’ll be able to access water that other anglers cannot touch and catch the fish that most fly casters only dream about. Beyond increasing your fish count, you’ll add further enjoyment to this great sport. You’ll celebrate each cast and catch.

If you’re ready to continue your fly fishing journey by upping your fly casting game. Give us a toll-free call at 415-781-3474.


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