Intermediate Fly Casting Techniques – Private Lesson

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How to Fly Cast: Goal 2 – Line Control

Controlling your fly line is the goal. Accuracy, efficiency and happiness on every cast is the payoff.

• Pulling fly line from air
• Pulling fly line from water
• Fly line control at all angles

• Confirming your fly equipment is balanced
• Balancing your fly equipment, if possible
• Demonstrating balanced, efficient Leland equipment

• Fly cast where others cannot
• Fish your fly where others cannot

• Catch fish others cannot
Leveraging what you’ve mastered from Goal 1 – Forming an efficient Loop, it’s now time to add control to your fly casting game with fly casts up to forty feet.

Fly line control is imperative to fish catching success. Simply put, the world’s greatest fly (if there actually was one) is nearly useless unless you can put it where you want it. We’ll make sure you’ll have the skill set to accurately place your fly where you wish.

Furthermore, with our proven casting principles, you’ll be on your way to understanding how to fly cast in challenging situations that other anglers deem impossible. You’ll be able to access waters (and the fish in these waters) that to other anglers, simply don’t exist.

We call this approach, “private water casting.” In essence, there is private water within every public stream or river that is often unfished. We’ll give you the principles, understanding and techniques to fish this untouched water and catch the best fish in the run.

Whether air casting or water casting, your fly fishing world will expand greatly. You won’t have to rush to the public water. Instead, you can take your time and fish the waters you choose to fish and catch the fish that others only dream about.

It’s time to raise the fly casting bar with fly line control and we’re here to help you. Give us a toll-free call at 415-781-3474 and we’ll put a date on your calendar that you’ll never regret.


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