Introduction to Fly Casting – Private Lesson

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Product Description

How to Fly Cast: Goal 1 – Form a Loop

Efficiently forming a loop of fly line will unlock the magic of fly fishing.


• Three principles of efficient fly casting

• Pulling fly line to a stop

• Forming an effective loop


• Confirming your fly equipment is balanced

• Balancing your fly equipment, if possible

• Demonstrating balanced, efficient Leland equipment


• Confidence in fly casting and basic fly fishing

• Excitement for the sport of fly fishing

• Path to fly fishing success

Far more than just a fly casting demonstration, our best-selling product is a necessary component for you to truly enjoy the sport. Think of it as a welcome mat for anyone who’s ever wanted to fly fish.

The defining attribute of our sport is the unique way we deliver our lure (the fly) using a weighted line (the fly line). The goal of this gathering is to give you the three (and only three) important principles of efficient fly line control for fly casts up to forty feet.

Our qualified staff will assist you in forming an elegant, efficient loop of fly line using a fully-balanced Leland fly fishing outfit. This essential skill will begin to unlock the magic of fly fishing. With it, you can begin to deliver your fly with control and accuracy, while celebrating the sport.

Efficient fly casting is is of course an important component of the sport of fly fishing, but there’s more. We’ll also cover some of the rudimentary principles of fishing. Nothing too deep in detail. Just enough fishing information to give you the confidence that you’ll arrive stream-side with a good cast and a responsible understanding of fly fishing.

For 1.5 hours, you’ll have the undivided attention of a Leland staff member.  Whether honing your fly cast, discussing the basics of fly fishing or reviewing the limited tackle required to participate, the goal is put you at ease, build confidence and responsibly prepare you for an enjoyable day on the water.

Don’t put fly fishing off another year, start your journey correctly. Give us a toll-free call at 415-781-3474 and book your fly casting. experience.


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