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Florida Keys Tarpon Fly Fishing Outfit 9′ 12-Weight

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Pin-point, casts with fast follow-up shots are the name of the game when tarpon fishing.  This outfit has you covered.


Florida Keys Tarpon Fly Fishing Outfit:

You just arrived at your favorite Tarpon trail in the Keys. The guide stakes the boat and the waiting game begins. As you BS with your buddy the guide remains vigilant. Eyes squinted searching the horizon as if he were Ponce de Leónlooking for the first sight of land. You see the guide’s expression change and know something is up. Quickly you run through your Tarpon maxims you have acquired over the years. Lead ‘em, strip set, bow, and fight with the butt of the rod. Just as soon as the guide gives the ok, you make your cast and it’s on the money. You let your fly sink down to the level of the fish and begin stripping. A 90 pounder darts to your fly and you know you’re in for it. You see the fish inhale you fly and you strip set hard… TARPON ON! TARPON ON! You feel the dip down and you know the jump is coming… Maybe you will land it maybe you won’t after all it’s the Silver King.

It’s always hard to cast when your knees are knocking and that’s the rush of tarpon fishing with a fly rod. If you’re headed off to chase the silver king, you better arrive prepared with solid casting skills and the right balanced outfit for the job.

This is exactly why we designed and created the Florida Keys Tarpon Fly Fishing Outfit. With the best casting twelve weight fly rod on the market gripped comfortably in your hands, you’ll have what it takes to land the fly in the right place.

Balanced and ready for the job, our Florida Keys Tarpon rod is also designed for the harsh saltwater environment.  The right line is very important and we chose wisely with our Leland Custom WF12F Fly Line. Not only is this line a dream to cast, its low-stretch core provides solid hook-ups…very important.

We’ve rigged this tarpon taming line on the ultimate fly reel, Loop Tackle’s Opti Megaloop. As loop was the first fly reel company ever to introduce a large arbor fly reel, they sure know what they’re doing and this is their best work to date.

Wrap up this outfit with the correct, hand-tied tarpon leaders (3-Pack) and you only have to add the right fly. Good luck!


Weight 1.34 kg
Dimensions 92 × 15.25 × 15.25 cm


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