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Florida Keys Permit Fly Fishing Outfit 9′ 10-Weight

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The spooky permit doesn’t hang around while you dial in your cast.  Better do it right the first time with!


Permit Fly Fishing Outfit:

Your guide is polling you alonga white sandy flat. You are completely alert and looking for any signof that v shaped tail! You spot one! A big one! The fish is happilyeating about 60 feet out at 1 o’clock. You take a deep breath and begincasting your lead eyed crab with the wind blowing into you hard. Threequick false cast until you deliver the fly right on the money. Just asyou begin to twitch the crab the tail shoots up into the air. You stripset hard and the fish begins to pull of line at an alarming rate. Permiton!
To arrive fully-prepared for your permit fishing trip, you better bring two things…your casting skills and our Florida Keys Permit Outfit. Knowing how tough it is to catch a permit, everything counts.

Accurate casts at controlled distances are achievable with our well balanced Florida Keys Permit fly rod. It’s built for a life in the salt with all the right components and will make casting more pleasant…even if the fish are testing your patience.

he right fly line is critical to casting performance and fishing function and that’s why we chose our Leland Custom WF10F fly line. Easy loading, fast casting and super tough, you’ll love this fly line.

We’ve loaded it up on one of the most unique fly reels on the market, Loop Tackle’s Opti Speedrunner. This ultra-large arbor has the ability to quickly pick up fly line when a permit turns your way and it’s fully-sealed drag system needs no tuning on a trip.

Wrap up this outfit with the correct assortment of flies, a tapered leader and you’re ready to hunt the elusive permit.


Weight 1.34 kg
Dimensions 92 × 15.25 × 15.25 cm


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