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Florida Keys Bonefish Fly Fishing Outfit 9′ 8-Weight

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Chasing bonefish?  Better bring the right balanced outfit…just like this one.


Florida Keys Bonefish Fly Fishing Outfit:

Walking slowly on a white sandy flat you are completely alert and looking for any sign of movement! You spot three shadows at 1 o’clock moving toward you. You begin casting with the wind blowing right into your face. Three quick false cast until you deliver the fly subtle delivery 5 feet in front on the fish. You wait for your fly sink. Just as you begin to strip the largest of the group darts to your fly and eats. You strip set and the fish begins to pull of line at an alarming rate. Bonefish on!
A well-designed bonefish outfit must be able to cast at all distances with accuracy, as you just never know where your next bonefish is coming from. From the start, we designed our Florida Keys Bonefish outfit to maximize your experience on the flats.

Our Bonefish fly rod loads easily at all distances and offer a stable and accurate presentation of your fly. As most bonefish trips are true adventures, you never know what lies ahead.

For perfect casts and a long-lasting fly line, we chose our Leland Custom WF8F fly line. It’s simple our favorite, and soon to be yours. We’ve rigged up this line on one of the coolest and functional fly reels available, the Loop Opti Runner. Loop Tackle of Sweden was the first company to ever offer a large arbor fly reel. Many other fly reel companies have copied Loop’s innovation, but to date, Loop is still the best. Of course it’s fully machine and anodized and even comes with a fully-sealed, butter-smooth drag mechanism.

Wrap this outfit up with a pack of tapered bonefish leaders from us and all you need are a few flies. This is it folks, the best bonefish outfit on the market!


Weight 1.34 kg
Dimensions 15.25 × 15.25 × 15.25 cm


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