Epic 5wt 8ft Fiberglass Fly Rod – Blue

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Product Description

Finally, here is your opportunity to get your hands on one of these gems before they sell out. These custom built Epic Fiberglass Fly Rods are not your grandfather’s fiberglass.  You can learn more about these work of arts, all hand built by Jussi Sojakka in Finland below.

The 580 is super versatile and super smooth. Mr. Sojakkas personal favorite, the 580 presents with grace but has the strength and lifting power of a big five.

The Epic 580 is an extremely smooth and versatile fly rod and the perfect choice for dry fly fishing but can also handle small streamers and heavier nymphs.

Epic 580 Fastglass fly rods are made to exacting standards using a proprietary S2 glass composite. This material features a fully unidirectional fiber layup which aligns fibers longitudinally along the blank. The result is an incredibly strong, light and powerful tube with a crisp, precise response. This recipe, rolled to our fast tapers combine silky smooth easy loading with trophy pulling power. We call it FastGlass and it lives up to the name!

In addition to being simply beautiful, these blanks are tough and fly rods made with them are nearly impossible to break under normal use. This durability is unique among modern fly rods.




– Gunsmoke snake guides
– Agate stripper guide by Ernest Oczos (Perfect Agate)
– Semi opaque Japanese silk thread windings
– AAAA Cork grip with rubbermix cork trims
– RT gunsmoke reelseat hardware
– Hardwood matte finished wood insert
– Length 8ft
– 4 piece
– Weight 3.9 oz.
– Fiberglass Katana rod tube & Black twill rod sock