Cortland: 444 Classic SYLK Bamboo Line, Mustard, 4wt

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Product Description

Leland on the Cortland 444 Classic SYLK Fly Fishing Line When it comes to fly line development, years of experience counts and the Cortland Line Company started making silk fly lines in 1915, is that enough experience for you? With the Classic Sylk Fly Line they now make the first synthetic fly fishing line that provides all the performance of natural silk fly line without the maintenance cost. It is the first modern fly line designed specifically for bamboo and fiberglass fly rods. Its buttery-smooth finish and small diameter easily glide through not only today’s modern guides but the smaller guides of yester-years bamboo rods. Whether you fly fish with bamboo be it in east or west you need the Cortland Classic Sylk Fly Line.

  • Fly Line Density: Floating
  • Fly Line Taper: Double Taper
  • Head Taper Length: 12 feet (includes 2ft Level tip) front and back
  • Core: Nylon Braid
  • Total Line Length: 90 feet
  • Line Weights: 2- through 7-weight
  • Colors: Mustard

Additional Information

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm





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