Charlie Bisharat – Pole Dancer, Rainbow Trout, Size 2

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“Side-to-side movement is pretty intoxicating for any predatory fish.” So says Charlie Bisharat, inventor of one of the most revolutionary flies in recent memory, the Pole Dancer. . The Pole Dancer fly achieves this unique action in large part thanks to its conical molded foam head, which builds water pressure on one side of the fly when retrieved with sharp stripping motions and causes the fly to veer from left to right and back again.

  • This fly was developed by Charlie Bisharat while fishing the fertile Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta
  • A defining characteristic is the conical molded foam head, which has a recessed concave cup on the underside
  • Suggests any wounded baitfish on which an opportunistic predator might feed
  • Ideal for pursuing stripers, largemouth, or any ambush predator: pike, muskie, snook, baby tarpon, peacocks, etc
  • Pair with a heavy short-headed line to achieve positive turnover


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