British Columbia Swing Spey Fly Fishing Outfit

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British Columbia Steelhead Spey Outfit:

The first rains of the year have just come and gone. You rally a few friends to hop in the truck and head to your favorite run. You arrive at the run just as the sun is making its first appearance. Waders are put on and rods are rigged. You pass around the flask ceremoniously before you step into the water. Your first cast feels good and the second even better. The flow of the spey cast and the beauty of your surroundings inspire you to yell to your buddies “What a great day to be alive boys!”

When it comes to chasing steelhead, Leland Rod Co. would like to remind you that you won’t catch a fish on every cast. With this honest announcement, we’d also like to remind you that casting a balanced two-handed outfit is the real joy when fly fishing for steelhead.

This is the reason we designed the British Columbia Swing Outfit. It includes all you need to enjoy every cast and earn every chrome trophy. Our efficient, plush and balanced 13 foot 7 weight rod walks the fine line between one that lets you enjoy the average fish, yet still battle the occasional trophy.

Our included line system was designed specifically to provide casting enjoyment and fishing function. Our 450grain Scandi head is buttery-smooth to cast and is exactly what you’ll want when skating dries or delivering classic wet flies. If the fishing conditions call for it, you’ll be happy to know you can quickly switch heads to our 540 grain Skagit head. With this heavier, more-aggressive head, you’ll be able to deliver sink-tips as well as bigger bugs. In other words, you have a line for just about every steelhead fishing situation.

Of course you’ll need a fly reel to store your fly line system with ample backing. Just about any fly reel can do that, but our British Columbia Steelhead fly reel is also the exact weight to properly balance with our British Columbia Swing rod. This outfit literally floats in your hands and that’s thanks to our correctly-weighted fly reel. Think you need a fancy, sealed-drag, large-arbor fly reel? Think again. Our fly reel employs a simple, but proven, fully-adjustable, click and pawl drag system…just like your grandfather used. We also had some fun with the cosmetics, including an extra handle, just like the cool fly reels of the past.

No thoughtful outfit would be complete without an extra tip for the fly rod. Think of it as riverside insurance. We also had some fun with the rod tube and included some extra “treats” for you to enjoy in the form of bright red ferrule plugs and possibly the world’s best lookin’ rod tube.

The bottom line is this outfit is just perfect for 95% of what you’ll need when chasing steelhead. And…if we dare say so ourselves, we think it’s also the best looking outfit on the market.

Rod: British Columbia Swing, 13′ #7 4-Piece
Extra Tip: For British Columbia Swing Rod
Rod Tube: Painted aluminum
Heads: Scandi (450), Skagit (540)
Tips: Two custom sink tips
Running Line: 25lb.
Leader: Leland 15′ 12lb.


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Weight 1.34 kg
Dimensions 107 x 15.25 x 15.25 cm


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