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Black Ops KAST Steelhead Gloves

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The most updated and sophisticated gloves on the market are now here!


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The Black Ops Steelhead gloves are everything you already love about our steelhead gloves, with an improved fit and improved textiles.  We took our already impressive glove and made it even better by tweaking the fit for improved feel and dexterity, added a new palm material for better grip, as well as additional wear and durability.  What that means for you, is warmer hands, in a true submersible waterproof glove.

Utilizing our proprietary one-piece membrane construction process creates the ultimate waterproof breathable barrier in gloves.  This impenetrable layer is permanently heat-bonded directly to the outer fabric.  Leaving no seams, no gaps, and no way for water to get in.  This allows us to build a thinner, lighter glove, with maximum dexterity and feel.

Traditional waterproof gloves use a membrane that is nothing more than a giant bag, inserted between glove layers.  Moisture is trapped inside the glove, creating a cold damp feeling.  Your hands are dry, but they are still cold because you literally have a moisture barrier that inhibits breathability, and acts as a cooling layer inside the glove.

Size & Fit Guide:

Classic/Regular Fit – Universal, easy fit for comfortable range of motion.