Ballistic Fly Lines Single Hand “Pro Performance” Series

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Product Description


The Pro Performance single hand line design is smooth, powerful, and has consistent layout/roll-out performance. This is achieved through exacting proportions of front, belly and rear tapers. The head section is 58 feet long and provides powerful roll-out, great accuracy, excellent mend-ability and outstanding long distance characteristics. All of these features were blended together to establish the optimal flight characteristics which is a trademark of all Ballistic fly lines. Overall line length is 95 feet. The Pro Performance line was designed to meet all of the rigors of the IFFF CI and MCI test!


4WT 120 GRAINS (HI Viz Orange)
5WT 140 grains (Hi Viz Orange)
6WT 160 grains (Hi Viz Orange)
7WT 185 grains (Hi Viz Orange)
7WT Tropic 185 grains (Sea Water Blue)
8WT Tropic 210 grains (Sea Water Blue)