Airflo’s Ridge Bonefish Fly Line, WF8F

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In the Bahamas, the Yucatan, and Belize alike, the ‘grey ghost’ can appear out of nowhere, taking anglers by surprise and forcing a gutsy shot. When this happens, it’s all you can do to rip a few false casts and put the fly out there. For these deliveries, the Airflo Ridge Bonefish fly line is our weapon of choice, as it loads a rod quickly, cuts capably through the wind, and shoots cleanly. By any measure a superb saltwater line, the Airflo Ridge Bonefish line has become our go-to light tackle tropical fly line.

  • Fly Line Density: Floating
  • Fly Line Taper: Mid-belly, weight forward with two welded ‘Micro Loops’
  • Total Head Length: 35 feet
  • Total Line Length: 100 feet
  • Core: Low stretch ‘Power Core’
  • Coating: Ridge Tropical Polyfuse XT dual layer system
  • Line Weight: 8
  • Color: Sandy Tan


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Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 cm