Super-DRI™ Bonefish / Redfish Fly Line

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Product Description

  • Taper, coating and core combine in complete harmony to make this the most exciting bonefish fly line on the market today.
  • It goes without saying the advantages Ridge coatings give in this high octane environment – shootability when you need it and a complete lack of tangles.
  • All combine to lower blood pressure and extend your life expectancy by years.


  • Taper: Balanced Taper Design For Technical Delivery
  • Core: Power Core
  • Range: WF6 – WF9
  • Coating: Super-DRI Ridge Tropical
  • Polyleader: Bonefish

  • Fly Line Density: Floating
  • Fly Line Taper: Mid-belly, weight forward with two welded ‘Micro Loops’
  • Total Head Length: 35 feet
  • Total Line Length: 100 feet
  • Core: Low stretch ‘Power Core’
  • Coating: Ridge Tropical Polyfuse XT dual layer system
  • Line Weight: 7
  • Color: Sandy Tan

Leland on Airflo With a huge following in their native UK and across Europe, Airflo is undoubtedly one of the preeminent names in fly line manufacturing. Since their start in the late 1980s under UK angler Paul Burgess – when they defined themselves through a move away from the traditional solvent-based PVC fly line technology of the day – Airflo has stayed at the forefront of fly line design and development, with a slew of patents to show their industry leadership. Airflo was the first firm to develop density compensation (DC) and the welded loop, which are now industry standards. One of the largest selling points about Airflo lines is their longevity, which has its source in the material used in manufacture: polyurethane (PU). Like other urethanes, which are used in car dashboards, boat paints, and car paints, PU is highly resistant to UV and chemical damage, and won’t leak solvents over time to crack as other fly lines can. Integral to the long-lasting performance of Airflo lines is Airflo’s two-layer extrusion method, called Polyfuse XT. Utilizing a specialized extruder which is like a ‘nozzle inside a nozzle’, Airflo can seal two separate layers of polyurethane around a fly line core, and adjust the ratios of each material as the core passes out the extruder. The middle layer contains the defining elements of the line (whether microballoons, for flotation, or metal dust, for sinking ability) while the outer layer seals the line and contains all the slick-shooting properties that should be concentrated on the exterior. As a result, Airflo lines are less porous and consistently last longer. Whether you’ve been fishing Airflo for years, or have just started to catch wind of their virtues, you should know that Airflo fly lines are hugely impressive, and Leland is thrilled to have the opportunity to carry them.

Additional Information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

Sandy Tan


6WT, 7WT, 8WT, 9WT


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