Airflo: Clear Lake Line, Ridge Delta, WF- 6

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Leland on Airflo Freshwater Tactical Lake Line

Most experienced stillwater anglers have one thing in common: they fish intermediate lines more than any other. Most of the trout food in lakes lives in the shallows and moves very slowly. Enter the Airflo Intermediate Lake Line. A sink rate of only 1.5 inches allows you to fish shallow water slowly, while keeping the fly in the strike zone for a longer period of time. You’ll catch more fish because your fly will neither be dragging bottom nor skimming on the surface. The clear color will fool even spooky spring creek and stillwater trout. Airflo’s unique, dual-lubricated Polyfuse XT coating gives this line the slickness that you need for long casts on lakes.

  • Specifications:
  • Type of taper: Weight Forward
  • Total Length: 105
  • Core: supple polymer base
  • Coating: Polyfuse XT
  • Color: Clear


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WF- 6