Airflo Bass/Muskie Fly Line

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Product Description

  • “Big Flies, Bigger Fish, No Problem”.
  • Sounds like a typical day at the office for Pat Ehlers, one of the most innovative fly fishermen on the planet.
  • We used our proven design and upgraded the original bass / muskie line with Airflo’s Super-DRI technology. The lines offer a level of control and feel not possible in the past.


  • Taper: Aggressive front taper to deliver large flies
  • Core: Power Core
  • Range: WF6 – WF10
  • Coating: Super-DRI Ridged
  • Polyleader: Bass/Pike, Predator


  • Fly Line Taper: Aggressive front taper to deliver large flies
  • Fly Line Length: 90 feet
  • Core: Power Core
  • Coating: Ridged
  • Line Weights: 6 weight
  • Color: Sunrise/Orange

Leland on Airflo With a huge following in their native UK and across Europe, Airflo is undoubtedly one of the preeminent names in fly line manufacturing. Since Airflo’s start in the late 1980s under UK angler Paul Burgess, Airflo has stayed at the forefront of fly line design and development, with a slew of patents to show their industry leadership. Whether you’ve been fly fishing Airflo for years, or have just started to catch wind of their virtues, you should know that Airflo fly lines are hugely impressive, and Leland is thrilled to have the opportunity to carry them.


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