3-pack Leland British Columbia Leaders – 16lb

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Product Description

The right tapered leader is more important than you think…

Like most fly fishers, you probably loop on any brand name tapered leader and head out for a day of fishing. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but what if there was something better? What if there was a correctly-tapered leader that was so efficient at transferring energy, it made casting even easier? What if this same leader, with its softer material, formed a better loop and was less affected by a river’s micro currents, reducing the need to mend your line? There is such a leader and we designed it.

Our Leland British Columbia Leader is admittedly counter-intuitive to what you’ve probably read in the latest fly fishing magazine, where you were informed a shorter, harder-finished leader is necessary to “kick over” your fly with authority. Remember, fly fishing is a game of intimacy and control, where landing your fly accurately with a subtle presentation is the key to enjoyment and success. Our 12 foot leader will present your fly on the water like a feather and fish better than any leader you’ve ever cast.