Steelhead - Salmon

Steelhead - Salmon

The ocean-run rainbow trout, which we affectionately call steelhead, represents the pinnacle freshwater-species of our sport. Beautiful and elusive, these fish head to the salt to feast and grow large. When mature, these silver torpedoes return to spawn in freshwater. Regardless of where you pursue your chrome fish, the right balanced and efficient makes a difference. The steelhead is often referred to as "the fish of a thousand casts." You'd better enjoy every cast and these Leland Rods and outfits won't let you down.

Sonoma Coast Outfit - Main

Absolutely a dream to cast when chasing bass, steelhead and larger trout. Very efficient and balanced.

Price: $499.95
BC Outfit 7100-4 - Main

Casting for steelhead in smaller streams can be a challenge, but not with our British Columbia Drift Outfit.

Price: $1156.00

Our British Columbia Switch rod is ready for any cast in just about any angling situation.

Price: $749

Steelheading with a single hand fly rod has never been so good!

Price: $695

Simply put, this two-hander serves up ultimate casting enjoyment and fishing function for those who swing for steelhead.

Price: $749.00

If you're new to two handed fly casting, you just found the perfect fly rod. Great for learning, perfect for fishing.

Price: $395.95
BC Switch Fly Fishing Outfit - Main

Here's the most versatile steelhead outfit when casts of all types are required.

Price: $1505.00
BC Swing Fly Fishing Outfit - MAIN

Casting a two-hander for steelhead is simply the most enjoyable way to fish for steel.

Price: $1580.00
Sonoma Steelhead Fishing Outfit - Main

Just add a fly and you'll have everything you need to catch a steelhead on the swing.

Price: $825.00