Freshwater Reels

Freshwater Reels

We hear it all the time. A freshwater fly reel is just a place to store a fly line. This comment is certainly true at its base level and justifies an angler who chooses to fish with a lesser fly reel. However, there are a few other considerations. Does it smoothly pay out fly line to protect the lightest of tippet? Does it physically and aesthetically balance with your favorite fly rod? Will it last? And for those who's lives revolve around the pleasures of freshwater fly fishing...isn't it fine to own and fish with a fly reel that is arguably functional art? Life is short, and the angling world is with a quality fly reel might not be necessary, but few things that truly bring us humans pleasure are necessary.

Best price ever offered on the LOOP CLASSIC 4/6 Fly Reel.

Price: $569
Special Price: $430

Providing versatility and uncompromising power, the Loop Classic 5/8 Fly Fishing Reel excels as a trout, bass and striper reel.

Price: $609

The Opti range of fly reels are available in a variety of diameter sizes and designed for optimized performance for a extensive range of species and fly fishing applications.

Price: $429

A stately reel Zane Grey would have seen fit to use, this machined beauty is a relic from the Golden Age of trout fishing.

Price: $295
Special Price: $221

Small water protection – The newest addition to the Hatch Family!

Price: $430

Crystal clear streams for native brook trout, the Hatch Finatic 3+ Fly Fishing Reel was designed with you in mind.

Price: $450

Devoted to chasing fins with a fly – Hatch Finatic 4+ Fly Fishing Reel was built specifically for the trout “finatic”.

Price: $500

A superior trout reel with a proven draw-bar cork disc drag system.

Price: $250
Special Price: $124.99

This handsome reel pairs best with external frame packs, chunky wool socks and a dented steel bourbon flask.

Price: $249.00

The perfect fly reel for Switch rods and lighter Spey rods.

Price: $325.00
Special Price: $250

Classic in design, but crafted with contemporary materials, our Vintage Steelhead Spey reel is awaiting your favorite two-hander.

Price: $350.00
Special Price: $280.00

Designed for the lighter trout line weights, this handsome fly reel makes a perfect accompaniment to a day on a small creek.

Price: $275
Special Price: $220

What we feel is the quintessentially classic fly reel, sized appropriately for all around trout fly fishing.

Price: $300
Special Price: $240

This fly reel makes use of time-honored click-pawl technology and classic wagon wheel porting. Perfect for steelheading.

Price: $325
Special Price: $260

A nod to the great anadromous fishing traditions, this fly reel makes use of time-honored click-pawl technology and classic wagon wheel porting.

Price: $349
Special Price: $279

When fishing with ultra-light fly rods, you need a perfectly balanced reel that can still protect the lightest of tippets.

Price: $249.99