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Z-Boat Lodge

Z-Boat Lodge Region and Rivers:

The Skeena River and its coastal tributaries are some of the best kept secrets in the steelhead and salmon fishing world. Featuring spring, summer and fall fisheries, we give anglers the opportunity to experience a great variety of scenic wilderness rivers and lengthen their fly-fishing season. Spring is a great time of year to fish coastal B.C. with steelhead in more rivers than at any other time of year. Anglers will fish a variety of sink tips; interchangeable heads are best to cover conditions on large and small rivers. We catch wild Kings, bright and fresh from the ocean from late April until mid-August. The spey rod is an excellent choice for these big brutes.Summer steelhead fishing begins in August and continues through November. The Copper River is an excellent dry fly and greased line fishery; a multi-tip or multi-line system will ensure a proper presentation regardless of conditions. Northern coho, the largest of all coho, provide additional sport and variety in September and October. 12 – 14 pound fish are common with some 20 plus pound brutes.Single hand rods with sinking tips work best. Anglers will drift in custom whitewater rafts or access rivers via jet boat. There will be one uide for every two or three anglers. Guides will accompany anglers and assist them with fly suggestions, fishing strategy, safety, fish photos and whatever the angler needs.

Z-Boat Lodge Travel:
Flights should be booked to Terrace via Vancouver, preferably with an evening arrival. Your hosts will meet you at the airport in Terrace and transfer you to Z-Boat Lodge, approximately 15 minutes away. A trip to the liquor store is offered for those wishing to purchase alcohol.

Z-Boat Lodge Documentation:
A valid passport is required for entry into Canada.

Z-Boat Lodge Accommodation and Meals:
Z-Boat Lodge is set very near the bank of the Skeena River. Anglers will each have a private room with full bath, in groups up to 6. With larger groups, two will share a room. Home-cooked gourmet quality meals are served in the lodge dining area, overlooking the Skeena River with scenic mountain views. A glass of wine or beer is offered with dinner. The lodge room is spacious and comfortable for relaxation with a bar and pool table for your enjoyment.

Z-Boat Lodge Climate:
Spring and fall may be mild or cool with rain. Temperatures range from 35 – 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer may be warm to hot on sunny days or cool with possible rain. Temperatures range from 55 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Z-Boat Lodge Clothing:
Clothing should be layered for all seasons. Warm socks, polar fleece pullovers or sweaters, warm hat, brimmed hat, one or more pairs fishing gloves, a quality waterproof wading jacket, synthetic long underwear, fast drying pants for warmer weather, fleece for cold. Bring casual attire for meals in the lodge.

Z-Boat Lodge Currency:
The Canadian dollar is the official currency used, however US dollars are widely accepted. While credit cards can be used to pay for charges accrued at the lodge, we request that gratuities be paid in cash.

Z-Boat Lodge Gratuities:
Gratuities are discretionary and typically range from $300 – $500 US per angler per week. They can be handed to Brad or Kim at the end of the week and will be split between the guides, cook and staff.

Food, accommodations, guiding, transfers from Terrace airport to the lodge, wine and beer with dinner.