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Wilford Lee Guide Service

Kispiox River Guide Staff and Fishing Program:
The Kispiox is a Skeena River tributary and one of the most famous Steelhead rivers in the world. From late August through mid October,the Kispiox is an excellent dry fly and greased line fishery and as the season progresses and water temperatures drop, anglers spend more time fishing a variety of sink tips (note: many Kispiox anglers fish with sink tips regardless of time of year). The fishing can remain excellent through the second week in November and later if water conditions permit. Kispiox fish are known the world over for their size and range from 7 to well over 30 pounds, with the average fish typically weighing in around 13 lbs. Small two person rafts are employed to access water,but all fishing is done while wading. The Kispiox has over 50 miles of fishable water that varies greatly in nature. We personally find it among the most interesting and technically demanding rivers in the region. While the Kispiox is somewhat prone to blowing out under excessive rain, it comes back in quickly and anglers also have the option of fishing the main-stem Skeena and the lower Bulkley. Anglers will fish two per guide unless specified otherwise. All Kispiox fish are wild and must be released unharmed as quickly as possible.

Kispiox River Accommodation and Meals:
Wilford has remodeled his personal home into a B&B for the exclusive use of his guests. Rooms are double occupancy, one with private bath and most with shared. During the morning and evening hours a cook will be on site to prepare meals, departing the premise when meals are completed. Wilford’s B&B also has a nice sauna and hot tub to help loosen up after the days fishing. Wilford can take eight guests per week.

Kispiox River Climate:
While the weather can be mild, always be prepared for cold when visiting the interior reaches of BC. Rain and snow can occur at almost anytime and typical day temperatures range from 30-60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Kispiox River Clothing:
Warm socks, polar fleece pullovers or sweaters, warm hat, one or more pairs of fishing gloves, a quality waterproof wading jacket,synthetic long underwear and fleece pants. Bring casual attire for meals in the lodge.

Kispiox River Currency:
The Canadian dollar is the official currency in BC however, US dollars are widely used and accepted.

Kispiox River Gratuities:
Gratuities are discretionary and typically range from $300-$500 per person per week and are collected by Wilford for distribution at the end of the week.

Kispoix River Travel:
To get to the Wilford Lee’s on the Kispiox you will need to make travel arrangements to and from Smithers, BC via Vancouver, BC. Week long packages run from Thursday to Thursday. You should plan to arrive in Smithers on the Thursday evening flight and plan to depart Smithers on the following Thurdsay morning flight. At the airport you will be met by Wilford or a member of his staff and transferred to the lodge for dinner. The following Thursday morning you will be transferred to the Smithers airport in time to catch the morning flight to Vancouver.

Kispiox River Documentation:
A valid US passport or original birth certificate is required for entry into Canada!

Food, accommodations, guiding, transfers from Smithers airport to lodge,and licenses (note: if the BC government increases license fee’s again this year Wilford may pass the expense on to his clients).

Not Included:
Airfare, gratuities, alcohol, beer, wine, arrival and departure taxes.