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Western Alaska Sportsfishing

Western Alaska Sportsfishing Fishing:

You might consider this trip the Alaskan angling equivalent of an African safari. This is a true bush experience rife with wilderness, wildlife, and a sense of isolation that’s hard to find even in Alaska.

Legendary Alaskan outfitter and all-around good guy Dave Eggdorf as been running his wilderness camps for nearly 25 years.  His program is utterly unique, featuring two fully equipped tent camps on two seperate rivers.  Half of the week is spent fishing the remote King Salmon River, and then clients transfer via floatplane to the wild reaches of the Upper Nushagak River.  Both camps feature double occupancy well tents with comfortable bunks and bedding, wood floors, and electric lights, as well as hot shower facilities, drying rooms, and spacious dining tents where hearty meals are served each evening.

This region’s fishing is nothing short of spectacular and concentrates on trageting husky, beautifully colored rainbows in the 18 to 25 inchclass. Dolly Varden, grayling, and all five species of pacific salmon abound.  Anglers fish two per guide in well-equipped jeb boats.  Close proximity to the best waters ensures maximum time spend fishing. For those who treasure true wilderness solitude, exceptional wild rainbow fishing, and a safari-like sense of adventure, this is the place.