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The Rio Grande

The best sea run fishing in the world

“You were wondering about the wind. When we first arrived,there was not a breath. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed (“be careful what you wish for”). We took advantage of this by skating #10 Green machines and swinging #12 prince nymphs on floating 6 and 7 weight lines. The strikes were explosive and the fish would jump almost like tarpon when hooked. After a couple of days like this the wind picked up, and we shifted to #8 floaters and swinging Bitch Creeks, Brindle Bugs with rubber legs and Bunny Leeches. Once on, all of your senses are fully aware as you concentrate on not losing what is probably the biggest trout of your life. After a few minutes and a few false ends, you guide the chrome hen into the net. She is solid, and in perfect shape. She weighs 13 pounds. A picture, a short revival, and you let her go. She will spawn for many years to come. With hoots and high fives all around, this would seem like the high point, but this joy is only the release.
It was that second bump. It was like a gift; you didn’t make it happen,you were there to receive it. You cast the fly, worked it through the current and almost passively waited for a response.”